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Brand Solutions for the Corporate

A Company offers a wide range of branding solutions to the corporate world – endorsement or promotion of brands online and offline. We also undertake road shows, event hosting and management pertaining to product launches and campaigning. We have an expert team who will strive to answer your calls for branding solutions.

Brand Promotion

There are various young professionals, capable of generating a random thought process that would suit your advertising requirements. Innovation lies in the minds of these young managers, most of them still pursuing their degrees. Whether it is a brand promotion or a product launch, these young men incorporate their newly acquired academic skills in drafting an effective advertising campaign for your company. Students with MBA in sales and marketing are the best people to look to, when you are trying to promote a brand or a product. These young minds provide both online and offline solutions, enabling you to establish a market on and off the Internet.

Marketing activities pertaining to new product launches can be taken care of, by the many young student minds that are looking to unleash their potential and implement their education in projects that demand a hands-on practical approach. They can be recruited from business schools as interns, serving towards their final projects. Depending on your needs, the internship can be stipend-based, paid or on a free contract basis. Young people still under the wing of education can be the source of rich ideas that can profit your business and your product-line. Placing them under the departments of ATL and BTL can be extremely advantageous for your business – media and non-media advertising alike.

Marketing Activities and Events

Young students can also take care of your marketing needs by participating actively in your marketing activities, campaigns and road shows. Budding sales and marketing managers can actively assist you in your booth and kiosk setup in major people centers like malls, supermarkets, theaters and complexes. Interactive events like stage shows and demonstrations, including promotional activities and survey reports are more effective in the hands of these people. With their academic intelligence and a desire to learn and prove themselves, students tend to come up with the brightest ideas and strategies for marketing.

Further, these students can also assist you in organizing and managing events like job fairs and product demonstration fairs. They can work towards planning and organizing intra-office events like annual day celebrations and centenary day celebrations. Harnessing these bring young minds can be an added advantage for your company in organizing workshops and seminars with their ability to design and draft ideas in an innovative manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Given that every company in the country is responsible at a conscious level, for the society and its weaker links – the poor and the unfortunate. Environmental concern and working towards a greener future fall under this category too. Our expert team has prior experience and effective knowledge of planning and organizing CSR activities, which they have imparted to budding managers in various business institutions across the country. Making use of their knowledge blended with their innovative ideas can create a good social reputation for your company.


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