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As the demand of time has increased, so other challenges have also come up following that. We find in most of the families both the husband and wife are working. Owing to work pressure and a hectic schedule, usually they admit their children to a preschool. So there has been a huge requirement in that sector. It will see more prospects in the near future.

A preschool provides an all round development of a child. They make a child self reliant and confident.

This is not at all an easy job. A preschool teacher should be person who can not only manage but also organize the children and the organization. For this a qualified professional has to be well equipped. So from the very beginning an educator is allocated with duties together with tenured teachers.

Our commitment is to provide qualitative instruction to our interns. This course makes them aware of cognitive and behavioral education on a child. In addition to this they also get training on administration as well.


By infusing order, self –confidence, progressive knowledge and essential dexterity can revolutionize the educational system altogether. This gives scope to creativity and maximum coverage to not only well improved educators but also an advanced learning structure.

Our mandate

Our goal is very simple and transparent. It aims at preparing educators with managerial skills. Along with this we promote enhanced learning for children under their supervision in future.

Come to gloriole to be a Powerful Educator, join our

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood

Graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education

The field of preschool is booming with opportunities. The reason behind this is that a preschool not only should be imparting qualitative education but also must be well managed.

This course aspires to widen the horizons of an educational institution. Its endeavor is to focus on the administration, style of education and management of a preschool. This could be achieved through proper guidance and assignments, exploring new realms of education and erudite practice.

This module enables the apprentices to administer an educational institute in all the ways. Whether it is execution, application, arranging, observing or assessment, our students will be proficient in handling all of this once they complete the course.

It also trains students in managing fiscal, syllabus organization and human resource too. This program provides a good exposure to our students as they are evaluated on the basis of rigorous assessments. So this course paves a way to the support services of an institution as well.

Program Duration

Diploma One year

Advanced Diploma Two years

Graduate Diploma Three years


A 10 + 2 years and above

Selection Procedure:

Here is a classification for the different components of the selection procedure:

Written Test (Essay) = 70

Personal Interview = 100

Family Background = 30

To be eligible for the Personal Interview, general candidates should obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the Written Test.


For One year Diploma –                    Rs 25,000

For Two years Advanced Diploma – Rs. 36,000

For Three years Graduate Diploma – Rs. 60,000

A Hand-Tailored Program

In order to surpass the stipulations of the candidates, we cater to their various needs and fulfill their demands by our custom-made program. Our course is first rated and first of its kind. It is formulated to bring out the best in an educator to be.

Training Modules

Level 1.1

Introduction to Child Development

Principles & Practices of Classroom Management

Speech Training (Basic)

Field Practicum 1.1

IT & Applications 1

Sports and Wellness

Written Communication

Level 1.2

Child Development: Theory to Practice

Creative Arts for Young Children

Field Practicum 1.2

Language Arts in the Early Childhood Years

Play in the Early Years

Professional Development I

Level 2.1

Effective Communication

Infant & Toddler Behavior and Development

Designing Learning Environments

Field Practicum 2.1

Financial Management

Mathematics for Young Children

Advanced Speech Training

Level 2.2

Psychology of Exceptional Children

Developing Parent Involvement Program

Professional Development II

Field Practicum 2.2

IT & Applications 2

Environmental Awareness

Child Health & Nutrition

Level 3.1

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Field Practicum 3.1

Current Issues & Research in Preschool Education

Level 3.2

Administration & Management of Program for Young Children

Adult Supervision & Leadership in Early Childhood/preschool/nursery school

Global Issues: Indian Perspectives

Teachers as Researchers

Assessment of Young Children

Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management

Career Prospects

To begin with one has to be a preschool teacher and gradually that goes to a leading position.

The ideal class

The chosen ones undergoing this program are limited to 100! Only those candidates who display their abilities and aspirations make a cut. Our team strongly believes in the achievement, allocation and conveying of accurate knowledge through maximum exposure of candidates.

This means that if you want excellent career opportunities, then any Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management (IEM) is a gateway to sure shot success.


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