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Business Management

Today the trend is more inclined towards business and its administration. It is very specific as the employment arising out of it is also very particular. So there is a huge demand of management workforce. As a result of such a demand, many Institutes of Entrepreneurship and Management (GIEM) have also come up with varied top quality courses in management.

Business always has a place to employ. In fact in business demand always exceeds supply in terms of employment. The courses offered by different Institutes of Entrepreneurship and Management (GIEM) are designed in such a way, that they cater to the needs of the 21st century market demands.

So, one should join the Institutes of Entrepreneurship and Management (GIEM) for a secured future. The following are a few programs that this institute offers:

Diploma in Business Management

This module instructs professionals with dexterity and information based on execution which generates leadership qualities in them. As add on, it prepares them with tactical management and the various processes of an organization. The syllabus is prepared for people who would like to work for organizations as executives. Even working executives can be a part of it, if they want to get an apt education in business administration.

Advance Diploma of Business Management

Leaders are wanted everywhere and all across the industry. Leaders or managers who can ably manage the workforce with a positive adaptable attitude are in demand. They should also possess the capacity to judge the need of the hour of their organization. This program called Advance Diploma of Business Management is formulated on the basis of widening the prospects of a real professional. Effectively pioneering a methodology of commercial management of employees and companies is the focus of this program. This program cultivates managerial skills in a professional and drives them to stand out as a world leader.

Post Graduate Diploma of Management

Now the answer to the question, why is there a demand of leaders, is that the responsibilities of a manager are dynamic. Today multitasking is a keyword to all the searches made by any company. They want their mangers to be adept at it. The Post graduate Diploma of Business provides an insight of management. This is done both in practically as well as theoretically. Right from risk management to execution of efficient business proposals are the areas this course targets at revises in a professional.


These courses are prepared in compliance with accommodating the needs of the world market.


Diploma in Business Management – 6months to 12 months

Advance Diploma of Business Management 9 months to 15 months

Post Graduate Diploma of Management 12 months to 18 Months


12 th pass for Diploma

12th pass with 2 years experience for the Advance Diploma

Graduation or for Post Graduate Diploma


Regular class and computer laboratory sessions

Group activities through a Management Learning Team (MLT)

Case studies and problem-solving exercises



Presentations/ seminars

Workshops sessions

Supporting audio-video sessions

Written examinations


Diploma in Business Management

Organize personal work priorities and development

Contribute to effective workplace relationships

Produce business documents

Develop work priorities

Establish business networks

Lead work teams

Develop teams and individuals

Promote products and services

Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

Monitor a safe workplace

Promote innovation and change

Conduct online research

Advance Diploma of Business Management

Communicate electronically

Market services as well as concepts to in-house customers

Manage people performance

Prepare financial plans and budgets

Manage financial plans and budgets

Recruit, induct and select staff

Manage industrial relations policies and processes

Manage separation/termination

Post Graduate Diploma of Business Management

Contribute to strategic direction

Contribute to the development and implementation of strategic plans

Review and develop business plans

Manage business operations

Provide leadership across the organization

Manage customer focus

Manage risk

Manage environmental management systems

A tailor made program

GLORIOLE Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management (GIEM) has taken special care to format a course on Business Management. We have consulted the too notch professional and leaders all across to devise this program. We researched well on this particular curriculum to make it first rated. Our program focuses on two things which are follows:

  • Impart world class knowledge to the executives who are selected on the basis of their merit and acquaint them with the true industry demands.
  • Then prepare professionals or leaders with the required information to take on the real world.

The class

The chosen ones undergoing this program are limited to 100! Only those candidates who display their abilities and aspirations make a cut. Our team strongly believes in the achievement, allocation and conveying of accurate knowledge through maximum exposure of candidates.

This means that if you want excellent career opportunities, then GLORIOLE Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management (GIEM) is a gateway to sure shot success.


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