Career with MBA

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With the primary focus of MBA being assisting students in their path to being an efficient manager, it envelopes several different modules which are designed to help students right from their graduation to attainment of a position in the higher echelon of a company. We help shape your career right from your prerequisite bachelor’s degree to working your way up the corporate ladder.

As a student a couple of decades ago, you would have been subjected to a limited amount of options, out of which the primary option would have been taking up a job right after college. The clock kept ticking, the country developed and time witnessed the evolution of a horde of multinational corporations being set up in India, with some of them even setting up headquarters in our country. As the world slowly realized the potential of India, companies looking at expertise and profit started flocking our country. While the job options and the associated opportunities were finitely large, there emerged the requirement of efficient managers aside from regular workers. It is common knowledge that a branch of a company, however small it may be, with its own hierarchy of workers in different cadres required managing. The companies could not afford transferring their managers off and on to another country. With the dawn of MBA in the late sixties, students were exposed to another option – taking up courses in managing (MBA).

We basically categorize students into different streams out of which the significant ones from a managerial perspective are those who are aspiring to undertake MBA as a course and those who are considering MBA as an option and want to explore what is offered in this course. MBA aspirants, as we understand, do not need guidance, but mere assistance in the preparation for the associated competitive exams, choice of colleges pertaining to which information is available with us, and admission. On the other hand, we provide efficient and unbiased guidance to students in a dilemmatic situation with questions about MBA. They, according to us, not only need assistance but also guidance in a path to self-assessment through a series of exams and analysis tests; these students need to understand and analyze what they are suitable for.

Leveling up to people pursuing their MBA degrees, we understand that these are the future managers of our country and there are set specifications that need to be met, not an academic level but on a corporate level, for them to be able to sustain their existence in the corporate environment. We achieve this by organizing a series of activities and educational events like conferences and seminars with high-profile businessmen in the key positions as speakers and judges. Placement assistance, skill honing and development, and character building are other areas that we offer services in.

Not only do we assist students on their way to becoming an effective manager and brand them employable by the corporate, but also staff, employees and the upper deck of executives and managers in companies. Through a series of events and activities, we enable them to assess themselves, and then lead them to a path of building their skills. Managers and executives are taken through more radical learning experience-generating activities which are designed to instill in them values like leadership and managerial skills.


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