Invitation Letter- MBA

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It is a website dedicated to the process of creating a manager of academic excellence blended with the right set of intra-personal and inter-personal skills required to survive in the corporate world, through a set of dexterously designed activities, aimed at imparting those essential qualities. We strive to instill in these prospective young managers an array of proficiencies, which are intended to help them not only survive the competitive tide of the Corporate, but rise up the career ladder. We have a catalog of aptitude-building activities that are aimed at inculcating and honing intra-personal qualities like confidence, concentration and dedication, and inter-personal qualities like teamwork, co-ordination and linguistic skills.

Our web portal

This hosts a multi-dimensional platform aimed at bringing students and alumni, business schools and corporate together. We feature individual portals for students and universities, simultaneously creating a job portal and fulfilling the needs of multi-national corporations.

“No man lives long enough to learn from his own mistakes. It is the duty of wise men to share and learn from each others’ experiences.”

We have embarked on our struggle to create an Expert Panel, equipped with experience and knowledge to aid students by sharing instances of their professional experience, directing them to the path to success. Well-recognized experts have been invited to participate in our Panel. These members, including yourself, have been chosen on the basis of your knowledge and your contribution to the corporate world; we deem your experience, knowledge and skills indispensable to the achievement of our goal. We plan to work towards the accomplishment of our goal by organizing seminars, debates, conferences, MDP (Management Development Programs) and skill-building activities, which would require your honorable presence in an overseer capacity. Further, we request you to participate in our movement as:

  • A member of our Expert Panel where your assistance would be of the utmost importance to prospective managers
  • A guest writer or a guest lecturer, enlightening students with your lectures and articles
  • A student mentor, aiding students with your daily interactions (direct or online)

We implore you to be a part of this revolutionary movement and share your corporate experience and knowledge with the next generation of managers. It would be an honor and our extreme pleasure to have you in our Expert Panel; we are eagerly awaiting your response.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”


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