Master the Health Care Business

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Executive Physicians Building Powerful Business and Leadership Skills

The trend is more inclined towards business and its administration in the present world scenario. It is very specific as the employment arising out of it is also very particular. So there is a huge demand of management workforce. The healthcare industry is no exception to this rule.

Doctors who have an MBA degree have high chances of getting a job in a higher position anywhere. Some companies for example Philips and GE have opportunities only for MBA with qualifications in medicine.

There is a lot of scope as this sector is developing and can absorb a lot of fresh blood into it. To help serve these needs, today a doctor has to be well equipped with all the modern managerial skills and strategies.

Master the Health Care Business

Master of Science in Healthcare Management (2years)

Physician Executive MBA programs for doctors (One year)

Master of Science in Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management has suddenly changed and this has widened its reach. Healthcare industry expects more out of an executive and the duty of a physician has developed into an that of an executive physician’s.

A hospital today is incomplete without qualified quality doctors, medical amenities and proper administration. Its competency is measured in the terms of it all round performance. Our programs intend to bring out this change in a physician and to refine them with the required proficiency and knowledge. This will create a new type of professional managers in the healthcare industry.

All the semesters include internship and research with renowned and affiliated hospitals. This program provides a good exposure to our students as they are evaluated on the basis of rigorous assessments.

This module enables the apprentices to administer the health sector and NGO sector in all possible ways. It also trains students in managing fiscal, syllabus organization and human resource too. So whether it is execution, application, arranging, observing or assessment, our students will be proficient in handling all of this once they complete the course.


A Master’s Degree in any discipline, or

A Bachelor’s Degree in medicine, or

A Bachelor’s Degree (other than medicine) with at least 2 years of experience in the health sector after graduation is a prerequisite.


A Bachelor’s Degree of a candidate must be of a minimum of three year’s duration or its equivalent (under the 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 or 10+2+1 year bridge course pattern of study or any other pattern fulfilling the mandatory requirements of 15 years formal education) from a recognized university.

Selection Procedure:

Here is a classification for the different components of the selection procedure:

a. Written Test (Essay) = 70

b. Personal Interview = 100

c. Academic Background = 30

To be eligible for the Personal Interview, general candidates should obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the Written Test and SC and ST Candidates should obtain a minimum of 40% marks in the Written Test.

Physician Executive MBA programs

Physician Executive MBA is a course which transforms a physician into a leader and manager with adequate business operational expertise.

It is a nationwide program which incorporates online, campus for hands-on and classroom teaching. It is a blend of all the probable techniques that a modern course should have with duration of 12 months only. The session starts from January and ends in December of each year.

Physician Executive MBA incorporates these unique features:

Short residency classes are held in a health resort.

Distance education technology that allow you to continue your career

Fast completion – only one year long

No business prerequisites required

Classes are composed of physicians only

Personalized Leadership Assessment and Development program

Extensive computer skills development

Active Physician Leader Alumni Network


Any Bachelor’s Degree in medicine

Curriculum, Goals and Outcomes

The curriculum was developed for a very unique student – the current or future physician executive. The curriculum design is based on extensive research regarding what physicians want in an MBA. Here is what our research revealed and how we customized our curriculum based on the input of physicians:

Physicians want a program that gives them the concepts and skills to assume leadership positions in their organizations.

Physicians want a holistic program that integrates the various business functions into a coherent whole.

Physicians want to learn the language of business so they can deal more effectively with other business executives.

Physicians want a flexible program tailored to their busy lifestyle.

Physicians want an individualized Leadership Development program.

The Need for Business Knowledge

Healthcare industry has changed and now it is looking for leaders and active participation. So knowledge of business can be of great help for physicians, who need to evolve into executive physicians.

What is in demand?

A physician’s role in the present day market has changed and evolved into an executive’s responsibility. Their newfound functions include decision making, helping with finance and manage the organizations as well. So their brand new skill requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Effective business management
  2. 2. Mastery of the healthcare environment
  3. 3. Business  plan  creation  and  implementation
  4. 4. Leadership of change
  5. 5. Understanding of finance

One Year of Study to Complete Degree

Institute of Healthcare (IHC) has taken special care to format a course for executive physician. These courses are an amalgamation of methods which have technique and cooperative agenda.

The table below highlights some of the major topics covered during the PEMBA program.

Residence Periods Limited to Four, Single-week Sessions

Due to the time constraints of practicing physicians who can afford to take part in on-campus endeavors only once a week, we have structured our program accordingly. The PEMBA curriculum is spread over four one week residence classes for six months in a year.

Interactive, Internet-Based Classes

PEMBA also offers internet based technology which reduces expenses incurred on traveling.

A Hand-Tailored Program

Institute of Healthcare (IHC) and Physician Executive MBA (PEMBA) has taken special care to format a course on healthcare. We have consulted the top notch professionals and leaders all across to devise this program. We researched well on this particular curriculum to make it first rated. Our program focuses on three things which are follows:

  • Impart world class knowledge to the executives who are selected on the basis of their merit and acquaint them with the true industry demands.
  • Then prepare professionals or leaders with the required information to take on the real world.
  • Keeping the time restraint of practicing physicians, we have taken the challenge of designed the course in such a way that they will not face any problems.

Institute of Healthcare (IHC) Physician Executive MBA (PEMBA) is a highly result oriented program and its planning bridges the gap between time and distance. It uses advanced technology which balances productive time with social life.

Program Limited to Physicians Only

The program of Physician Executive MBA is based on healthcare business; regular planning and subject matter expertise is the focal point.

Active Alumni Network

Usually the Physician Executive MBA Advisory Council (PAC) has two physicians who are elected from our respective classes. This group conducts all the reunions and networking of the alumni.

Candidates applying for any Institute of Healthcare (IHC) and the Physician Executive MBA should have all their certificates in place for our authorization.

If you want to contact us for further queries or admission related information, you can log in to our website. Alternatively you can also call on our Program Director or mail us your queries at our office address by post.

A demonstrative class

100 applicants make the cut and then they undergo our specialized training based on state-of-the-art. Our objective to coach and mold them rigorously according to the market demands. GGE is a gateway to the global market. So come join and see the difference.


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