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The portal of MBA can be viewed as a platform for uniting students, business schools and its alumni and the corporate under a single banner for their mutual benefits. The combination of the three channels can be viewed as the circle of life of managers – introducing MBA aspirants to the features and advantages of MBA, transformation of students into efficient managers by business schools by instilling in them the required definite knowledge and recruitment of managers by the corporate. Understanding this requires understanding the purpose of MBA and the various features of this website – serving students, business schools and multi-national companies alike and fulfilling the requirements.

The first step in creating an efficient manager lies in introducing the MBA degree to skeptical aspirants, detailing the features of this degree – what people learn and how it helps them in their personal and professional life. For this purpose, our expert team gathered authentic resources in the form of statistical data through surveys and interviews; an enumeration of reasons to take up MBA in comparison with other degrees and analytical data pertaining to the growth of MBA in the recent decade, along with a forecast model is available on our website. Our website features a comprehensive list of all business schools, universities and private colleges offering MBA as a course with all its associated streams, the course details and the fees, along with the percentage of placements. Further, information on the different competitive exams on MBA, both national and international, enables the student to choose from different colleges and prepare accordingly.

The primary purpose of the demonstration of this website is to create an efficient manager with a fine blend of academic skills and necessary intrapersonal and interpersonal skills required not only for survival in a corporate atmosphere, but also climbing up the career ladder against the tide of competition. We have devised strategies on the path to achieving this by organizing several events and activities that aim at instilling these qualities in students. Lectures, debates, conferences and seminars with renowned businessmen and corporate heads in chief capacities enable the students to share views and knowledge – gaining experience that they never had. This enables them to understand the corporate system and the indefinite parameters associated with it.

On the same scale as we sculpt students into efficient managers, we strive to serve the business schools and the corporate. To business schools, we provide a good teaching strategy, aimed at increasing the slope of the learning curve, at the same time coaching their students – our prospective managers, along a path which infuses in them values and skills that would help them work in a challenging environment. We also provide teachers with the necessary knowledge to organize a more interactive and efficient learning experience in their classes; for this purpose, we encourage students to provide feedback and generate a review of their classes.

The corporate world, with its busy headhunters, is always in need of efficient people to work with them. We understand their requirements and strive to follow a path by which we can create personnel whose skills and qualities would cater to their needs. In other words, we act as external consultants-cum-coaches wherein we consider the requirements of companies and train people to be able to match their expectations.

Our attempt to unite the trinity yields best results to each branch, fulfilling their requirements and creating an interconnection between separate entities, resulting in the generation of a symbiotic relationship between them.


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