Real estate planning and IT solution

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It was never easy to get the loan at cheaper rates with so many different options from different institutions, and now IT revolution made it easy to get the information in just one click. With the help of internet websites and tool like home loan calculator now it is easy to analyze the various offerings and choose the best one.

Planning for home:

Every human being has a basic need for food, clothes and shelter (Home). Food and clothes needs minimal attention and planning compare to the third basic need i.e. home. When it comes to the buying or making first home people get more conscious. They collect the information through various sources like brokers, colony developers, relatives and print media advertisement. People individually work out on the things which require a lot of time and efforts:
• Budget preparation for purchasing home
• Need for space (1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK)
• Choosing different location and facility
• Cash-loan ratio
• Different institutions and sources available in the market for getting loans

On the other hand some people totally depend on the brokers to choose the right match for home solution. If you need more option you need to depend on some more brokers until you get your choice. After getting your choice rest of the work related to finance and loans for home is not the responsibility of broker or an agent. It consumes most of your valuable time and efforts which you want to do in less time or by outsourced agent.

Planning is very important function and it requires a lot of time and efforts when it comes to real estate planning. The million dollar question, Is there any planning tool which helps to provide various solutions at doorstep in less time?

E-solution made planning easy:

Estate planning becoming more important in the present scenario where people have more and more options available to them. Competition among the financial institutions made product portfolio customized but little bit more complex. Loan available in the market are going cheaper and home prices also going down. There are so many options available but how to choose the best one.

Traditional way:

In traditional way we use to hire different services and work on the data collected from the various sources. It requires a lot of time, money and efforts. Here are the some steps we generally use before purchasing a home.

1st step: Hire a property consultant or agent or broker to visit the different sites
2nd step: Collect the different home loan products solution and information from different financial institutions.
3rd step: Compare all the options available from the data collected.
In the present work environment nobody has this much time for data collection and analyze to choose the best option among the available options.


E-solution or E-way is the best way to get the proper solutions available in the market and choose the best customized option suitable to one’s need in just one click. There are various web-sites available on the internet from where one can choose the location of sites, home, land and bungalow at the same time feed their home loan requirements by using the home loan or premium calculator to know various loan options available compare all the options and select the best suitable option. Apart from the home loan and real estate solutions these web-sites also provide the knowledge about the other associated products like home insurance policy which protects the sum interest and asset in case of any demise.
Some web-sites related to home loans and real estate solutions are:

Advantages of e-solution:
• Saves lot of time, efforts and money.
• Easy to use (User friendly).
• Various customized options available in just one click.
• One stop services to get the information about loans and deals available.
• Provide a complete package with additional information about different protection solutions too.

E-solution made it easy with the help of various customized and simple software tools to gather important information for complete home solution at your desk without wasting much time in visiting various sites, hiring different brokers for different sites and then different financial institutions to let your dream home comes true.


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