HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface

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HDMI enables to connect the home theater setups and the components like Apple TV, DVD player, recorder, HD satellite box, gaming console to the DVI port, of the HDTV or the AC receiver, HD cable.

HDMI helps connecting the digital video/audio sources like Blu ray Disc player, AVCHD camcorders, PC, HD DVD players, Set top boxes and other digital components. HDMI also connect the DVI enabled components to the HDMI port. The HDMI cables are made of high quality materials.  The HDMI to DVI video cables delivers a crystal clear high definition digital video signal to the home theater display.

The DVI connectors are responsible for the DB style connection and it uses the flattened pins.   Most of the DVI connectors have 24 pins with one larger offset ground bar which is called DVI-D.  Some of the types of DVI connectors include DVI-D dual link connector with 24 pins and is arranged in three horizontal rows of each row with 8 pins. DVI-D Single Link connector comes with 18 pins and provides one TMDS link. DVI Dual link is similar to dual link DVI-D connector but has 4 pins more to surround flat offset ground bar. DVI single link DVI connector carries only single TMDS link.

The HDMI converter has some specified features as follows:  it connects the HDMI enabled components to the DVI port of all types and it delivers the maximum band with for the resolution up to 1080p.  it features the 24k gold connector for delivering precise contact and conductivity to the maximum. It includes the superior shielding for isolating the outside noise and reduces the cross talk interference. It is available in a convenient 6 foot length and integrates strain relief with flexible PVC jacket for protecting connector and cable format wear and strain.

The HDMI cable are categorized in to two of Category 1 which is designed for supporting HDTV and frame rates and Category 2 for higher resolution and higher frame rates. The HDMI cable is made using 28 AWG wire. The 24 AWG cable is more resistant to attenuation and is sturdier. The long cable helps chaining multiple HDMI cable together with the repeater, equalizer, or amplifier.

In connecting video HDMI is similar to DVI and has 19 pin digital video and audio connection. It carries both the digital video and audio in uncompressed high quality format and HDMI is mostly used for Plasma, LCD, Projection displays. The 4 to 7 analog video connection is popular for the computer video cards, digital video camera and other similar devices.

The HDMI devices are so well manufactured in adhering to different versions of specification with different number like 1.0, 1.2, 1.3a. Each specification uses the same type of cable but with increased capabilities and bandwidth. HDMI supports up to 8 channels of an uncompressed audio of sizes 1.6 bit, 20bit, and 2.4 bit.   The HDMI connector come in different types like Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D of different specification.


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