Leather shoes for men and women

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Significance of shoes

Being stylish is not just about adoring yourself with gorgeous attires or accessorizing yourself!  It is about personalizing yourself completely to leave an impact on people. And trust me without a proper pair of shoes or footwear, this isn’t possible.  So choosing a proper shoe for yourself may add stars to your personality and to your attire too. Shoes have attracted most of the designers in recent times owning to adapting fashion trends coming up with shoes. Here we will talk more on the leather shoes for both the sexes!

Leather shoes – know the feel!

The Mesopotamians were the first inventors of this genre of shoes. Leather is a natural material and is ideal for making shoes. Though they bear high prices, they are worth it! Leather shoes have always been elegant to wear. They are considered to be an investment piece. Leather shoes are durable, comfortable and mouldable. Cleaning leather shoes to enshrine their brightness for long time and remove the debris is important. Care need to be taken to buy leather shoes bearing leather of good quality which ensures its long lasting. Leather shoes in dark shades with light outfits are popular.

Know the various brands

A variety of shoe brands help you fancy yourself with a pair of stylish leather shoes.  Leather shoes in wide range are available in markets today. Bata, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Reebok, Clark’s and Geox are world famous brands into making leather shoes. Bata – has a premium brand namely Ambassador which is known for its Italian designs, handcraftsmanship and premium quality leather. Its leather shoes are designed for men which define flexibility and great comfort. Also, Bata has a brand named Comfit which is designed especially for the youth to get a contemporary look.

Embarking the “Latest”

Comfort was the trademark for the latest fashion in shoes. Patent leather shoes are really in this year. The high gloss shiny touch-up is given to these leather shoes which can be worn anytime during the day and in any occasion. Certain things need to be borne in mind while adapting to these trendy patent leather shoes. As these leather shoes are generally bright in their hue, they are preferably worn with a more toned down dress. The well known patent leather shoe brands are Prada, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Brutini etc. These shoes are available in different shades from light brown to polished black. One can wear these leather shoes with chinos, khakis, jeans, etc.

Leather shoes have highly gained popularity in the fashion statement for women. Leather boots for women come in different shades matching every colour of your attire. Also, these days’ women prefer wearing ankle boots or knee length high heeled boots. Brownish shades are very much in trend these days. Shoe makers now have brought designer leather shoes exclusively to suit the designer craze of young ladies these days. But, overall must say comfortable leather shoes adore your personality a lot!

So next time you shop, do check out leather shoes in the market and I am sure you will feel worth buying them for yourself because of its elegance and comfortability!

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One thought on “Leather shoes for men and women

    Jino Jose said:
    November 8, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Nice post !! Very well researched and presented.

    Who does not go for a pair of shoes these days. Even the rag-pickers sport a Nike or Adidas.

    Hand-crafted Italian leather being the top notch ones, the movies too are in for advertising.


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