About Me…!

To know about me is good and better. So let me start like this:-

I am Shalini a Freelance Content Writer with an experience of 21+ yrs as a Freelance Content Writer, Psychology Counselor and Executive Secretary.

I am a friendly, fun-loving, love life, and writing is my passion!

I look forward for a healthy and good relations where I explore the world through the thoughts and pouring in words.

I have been writing for so many companies or clients who have been good and given adequate knowledge, help in understanding to work with them, also I have come across many clients who have made me work and end of the day not paid a single penny. But no regrets as I do believe I have the confidence, ability and willpower to start again.

I do have a good team of writers who is good in writing, editing etc. and take bulk work. So why don’t you try giving us work and check out our writing…!

All are welcome with their critics and also with appreciating comments. All are welcome to support me and help me to grow…!

Hope you will be a part of my team….


One thought on “About Me…!

    Jino Jose said:
    October 29, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Hello Ma’m,

    Been there and seen it all. Liked the website and of course your blog too. Keep up the good work you are doing. I do look forward to becoming a freelance one day.

    Looking forward to a helping hand from your side and of course your valuable comments too.

    God Bless..


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