No more messy false eyelashes, say yes to fiber lashes

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Long eyelashes, associated with beauty, is a dream of every woman. No doubt women with beautiful eyes get an all-round appreciation.While long eyelashes help to enhance the beauty of eyes, they also help them look wider. It is also believed that if you want to look beautiful quickly without using makeup, then you should just strive to make your eyelashes attractive. A face with minimal makeup would also be as good as naturally beautiful. But, how?


Eyelash enhancement techniques

Women have been using various alternatives to make their eyelashes look fuller and longer. It began hundreds of years back with mascara being made from the dust of coal and petroleum jelly. It is said that the first false eyelashes were made from human hair for an actress. Slowly and gradually, mascara, false eyelashes and other products enhance feminine beauty through eyelashes found popular markets. However, most of the women find using false eyelashes a tedious task.


Fiber lashes an easy way out

The technique of using fiber lashes for enhancing the beauty of your eyelashes is becoming popular now. It is glueless and no mess at all. Fiber lashes increases the length of your eyelashes a many more times than you can imagine. It takes only a minute and you too could have elegant and long lashes. This is a comparatively cost effective investment compared to eyelash extension which involves a lot of money. Also, women who hate false eyelashes will find fiber lashes are a better option.



– Keeping the sensitivity of eyes in mind, fiber lashes are made of natural ingredients like Green Tea fibers.

– Fiber lashes enhance the length as well as the volume of your eyelashes.

– It can be applied easily. Its removal is also hassle free.

– Gives you natural looking eyelashes

– It is affordable and light on your pocket

– It is safe for all women, even those who use contact lenses


How to use it?

– Begin by using fiber lashes on one eye, and then follow it up by using on the other

– If you want, you can put mascara first

– Let the mascara dry fully

– Then apply gel, provided with fiber lashes, to your lashes like you would any mascara.

– Put gel and fiber lash after it. Ensure that fiber lash is put on wet gel.

– Start applying fiber lash half or one-third of the distance away from the eyelash line (Note: Don’t put fiber lashes beginning of the eye lash line)

– Put another coat of gel on fiber lash. This you do from the eyelash line to the tip. This coating would prevent the fibers from falling off of your nose and face and keep them secure in their place.

– Following these steps at the top and bottom of your eyelashes would seal the fibers in their place.

– Repeat these steps for desired length, thickness and volume of eyelashes.


How to clean?

You can remove fiber lashes just like you would remove any other mascara. It can be cleaned with water or any face cleanser.Fiber lashes are your sure shortcut to younger and sexier look. Also recommend it to all those who complain of inadequate, sparse or short eyelashes. Are the lips spreading for a big smile and eyes blinking?


Look stylish with designer Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are considered crucial fashion accessory which are perfect for eyewear fashion trends. It is usually believed that women are more receptive to the fashion changes and they discard the older one with a new one with ease. In Women sunglasses modern and chic styled glasses are in fashion and various brands like Gucci, Versace, Ray Ban, and Marcs Jacobs are offering it. You should be aware that sunglasses offered by these brands are not cheap or available at affordable prices. But you can grab them at reasonable prices from various online stores.

Those who have limited budget, they opt for copies or imitations of the designer ones. Sunglasses are not only for fashion statement but also protect your eyes, so you should always opt for fine quality glasses only. Quality glasses provide protection for your eyes from ultraviolet rays .These sunglasses have anti reflective coating which protects your eyes. You can develop wrinkles around your eyes due to direct sun rays, so a quality eyewear can help you in protecting your skin.

Designer sunglasses are decorated with precious stones and gems to make them trendy and fashionable. It is a must have accessory for every woman .While buying shades you should remember that the shape of the shades should be according to your face shape and your facial features only. The shades are available in various colors like black, brown, white, pink, fluorescent and many more so can be easily coordinated with your clothing.

Let’s get an idea which shapes of shades will suit you best according to your face shape:

  • Square face women: You should select an oversized sunglass as it helps in enhancing your face sharp angles.
  • Heart face women: These women have wide forehead with a narrow chin so you should always select sunglasses with cat eye frame or one with well rounded corner edges
  • Long face women: If you have an oblong face, then you should choose an oversized frame which can be in decorative or vintage style.
  • Round Face Women: It is the shape of face with most noticeable curves so you should select a sunglass with few curves in it. Narrow frames with high temples suits best on a round face.
  • Oval Face Women: Select the sunglasses which cover your eyebrows and cheekbones properly.


Aviator style shades were earlier popular among the military people, but now everyone, whether men or women love to wear it. If you want to get a rough and chic look then you should select aviator style glasses.

You should take proper care of your sunglasses as it is used on a daily basis. The glasses come with a case to protect it and a cloth to clean it. So you should use it regularly. The clean cloth will help you in removing dust and stains from the glasses as it can hinder the vision while wearing it. You can also look for lens cleaning solution or wipes available in the market. Always buy sunglasses after taking a trial how it looks on your face and it should fit perfectly.

Carry your laptop safely in stylish laptop bags

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During earlier days laptop bags were used due to their utility reasons, but today it is considered a fashion necessity for all. Laptop bag is important for both men and women, irrespective of their age. Especially Women and girls are very particular while selecting laptop bags for themselves. It is a style statement in accessories and a secured way to carry your laptop from one place to another. These bags are specially designed bags with a style to match your requirement; you cannot mix it with any other type of bag. It is an exclusive bag to keep and carry our laptop easily.

You should not stuff your laptop bag with other million objects in it as it puts undue weight on the bag and might damage your laptop too. You should only use laptop bag to carry your laptop and other accessories attached to it.

Different styles of Laptop bags:

There are various brands in the market which offers stylish and unique laptop bags .You has huge options of colors to choose from to get a feminine look. Due to thousands of options available in the market usually women get confused which one to select .So here are a few tips which will be helpful in selecting the best one out of the various options.

  • Check the material of the bag as it should be durable and should be made up of resilient material. Remember, it is a substantial investment so choose it wisely.
  • Woman love to have some extra room or space in the laptop bag, but for strength and durability the strap should be made up of great material so that you get extra protection for your shoulders.
  • The laptop bag will keep your laptop safe from every type of wear and tear in all types of weather conditions. So invest in a great quality and stylish laptop bag.
  • The bags are available in various colors; you can select a color which blends perfectly with your clothing. The chic and trendy bags are also available at affordable prices.

Some of the famous brands which offer exclusive laptop bags are Avion, Sienna Messenger, Komen Pink, J’tote, Mobile edge Sumo and many more. These are exclusive and designer bags made up of fine quality of the material.

These bags are fashionable and help you in getting a stylish look easily. Some bags are in the briefcase with extra padding in it which are comfortable to carry while travelling for a conference or meeting to other places. These bags are designed while keeping in mind the safety and fashion statement both. An excellent choice for business woman who is professional but still want to look stylish. It is a great fashion accessory which makes it a compulsory item for your wardrobe.

You can buy these bags from online stores or during the sale season to save money. Designer laptop bags are also available at affordable prices in the online stores. Check the details of the bag regarding the material and its durability before placing an order.

Leather shoes for men and women

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Significance of shoes

Being stylish is not just about adoring yourself with gorgeous attires or accessorizing yourself!  It is about personalizing yourself completely to leave an impact on people. And trust me without a proper pair of shoes or footwear, this isn’t possible.  So choosing a proper shoe for yourself may add stars to your personality and to your attire too. Shoes have attracted most of the designers in recent times owning to adapting fashion trends coming up with shoes. Here we will talk more on the leather shoes for both the sexes!

Leather shoes – know the feel!

The Mesopotamians were the first inventors of this genre of shoes. Leather is a natural material and is ideal for making shoes. Though they bear high prices, they are worth it! Leather shoes have always been elegant to wear. They are considered to be an investment piece. Leather shoes are durable, comfortable and mouldable. Cleaning leather shoes to enshrine their brightness for long time and remove the debris is important. Care need to be taken to buy leather shoes bearing leather of good quality which ensures its long lasting. Leather shoes in dark shades with light outfits are popular.

Know the various brands

A variety of shoe brands help you fancy yourself with a pair of stylish leather shoes.  Leather shoes in wide range are available in markets today. Bata, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Reebok, Clark’s and Geox are world famous brands into making leather shoes. Bata – has a premium brand namely Ambassador which is known for its Italian designs, handcraftsmanship and premium quality leather. Its leather shoes are designed for men which define flexibility and great comfort. Also, Bata has a brand named Comfit which is designed especially for the youth to get a contemporary look.

Embarking the “Latest”

Comfort was the trademark for the latest fashion in shoes. Patent leather shoes are really in this year. The high gloss shiny touch-up is given to these leather shoes which can be worn anytime during the day and in any occasion. Certain things need to be borne in mind while adapting to these trendy patent leather shoes. As these leather shoes are generally bright in their hue, they are preferably worn with a more toned down dress. The well known patent leather shoe brands are Prada, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Brutini etc. These shoes are available in different shades from light brown to polished black. One can wear these leather shoes with chinos, khakis, jeans, etc.

Leather shoes have highly gained popularity in the fashion statement for women. Leather boots for women come in different shades matching every colour of your attire. Also, these days’ women prefer wearing ankle boots or knee length high heeled boots. Brownish shades are very much in trend these days. Shoe makers now have brought designer leather shoes exclusively to suit the designer craze of young ladies these days. But, overall must say comfortable leather shoes adore your personality a lot!

So next time you shop, do check out leather shoes in the market and I am sure you will feel worth buying them for yourself because of its elegance and comfortability!

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