Cosmetics – “Being Beautiful”

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Who doesn’t want to look attractive and luring today! Well, today people are so very cautious about beautifying their body and the way they carry themselves! Are you also in the same league to beautify yourself! So want to know the beauty mantra? A huge number of cosmetics available in the market can do the needful for you. Here are some details on some cosmetics you can use for glorifying beauty.

Cosmetics are beauty products applied onto one’s body to enhance appearance and to beautify one’s skin.  With today’s all time high ecological, health and beauty awareness among customers, cosmetics are available in the form of organic cosmetics, mineral cosmetics and even eco-friendly cosmetics to be in pace with an overwhelming demand for such beauty products.  Also, the concept of “total well-being” is gaining ground due to which people give importance to benefits and ingredients of products.


Today’s youth have a fascination of getting cosmetic tattooing done for permanent results. Also there is a sleek trend seen at having permanent eyeliner on eyelids by young ladies. Special care needs to be put in, in these kinds of cosmetic tattooing. They are usually carried out by trained beauty professionals with joint efforts of a dermatologist, an esthetician or a plastic surgeon. It is a Costly beauty regime but is worth it!

Benefits of Herbal beauty products

The latest craze in skin care is about the oldest – “herbal products”. Herbal beauty products have plant derivatives as their ingredients.  Today, the Indian cosmetics industry has a plethora of herbal cosmetic brands like Forest Essentials, Biotique, Himalaya, Blossom Kochhar, VLCC, Dabur, Lotus and many others. Modern scientific researches have evaluated the cleansing, healing and glorifying effects of many herbs used in herbal beauty products. Benefits of herbal products are wide and varied. They have no side effects, are skin-friendly, contain essential minerals and vitamins to tone your skin at the best. Also, these products contain no fragrances and no artificial colors. Aloe Vera, a well known ingredient in herbal beauty products, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating benefits along with huge amounts of vitamin E and C, and important minerals like Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorous, Sodium, Zinc and amino acids. Aloe Vera also helps in removing wrinkles which hel0ps one to look younger. Rose geranium, an herbal ingredient, contains chemicals that make it an antimicrobial product, lending the plant to use on acne and other skin infections. Grapeseed extract, another herbal cosmetic additive, consists of powerful antioxidants called proanthocyanidins which serves as a good healing agent. Green tea, a popular cleanser ingredient, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and ant carcinogenic properties. Chamomile- an herbal ingredient has been known for its soothing properties. Most reputed and large companies manufacturing beauty products have started using more and more herbs or herbal ingredients in their products.  Divya Kanti Lep (paste) manufactured in Ramdev baba’s Pharmacy is a beneficial regular use herbal paste. Shahnaz Hussain’s beauty products are famous for herbal beauty products.

Benefits of Ayurvedic beauty products

According to Ayurveda the human skin is composed of the five great elements (panchamahabhutas) that constitute the fundamental building-blocks of the universe. Ayurvedic skin ingredients such as Amla, Neem and Tulsi can be taken internally to support the health and appearance of your skin. Amalaki and Ashwagandha provide nourishment for dry skin. Neem and Tulsi help purify and clarify oily skin. Amalaki is soothing and nourishing for sensitive skin. Triphala is excellent for all skin types.

Essential oils are used in ayurvedic therapeutic formulations for their ability to help transport the healing wisdom of herbs and herbal oils to the cells and tissues of the body. Essential oils can be added to massage oils, facial oils, bath water and liquid cleansers, in homemade facials and masks and in floral waters and mists. The rose is renowned in ayurveda that helps you in the nourishment of the skin. Sandalwood is another aroma that helps in cleansing skin and for getting glow on your skin. Lavender (Latin name Lavare which means “to wash”) helps disinfect scalp and skin and enhance blood circulation which helps to glorify your skin. But people possessing sensitive skin should avoid lavender use or products containing Lavender as it may cause them allergic reactions.

Benefits of Home-made beauty products

Home made products have some added advantage to commercial products. These products do not have added chemicals or preservatives hence no side effects are likely to occur.

To remove any blemishes and sun tan, grind the blanched almonds and mix it with white of an egg and add to this half teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it over face and neck and wash it after some time to get shining and smooth skin. The benefits are egg – a product which smoothens and gives shiny effect to your skin and lemon which fades freckles and age spots and gives you brighter skin tone.

You can use raw milk for cleansing the skin. Dip cotton wool in milk and rub it over your skin for deep cleansing. For dry skin, mash an avocado which is a natural moisturizer and beat it to make a creamy paste. Rub it over your face and neck and wash after some time. Raw milk contains essential vitamins and enzymes which is good for your skin. Acne is a problem witnessed by most young people these days. Raw milk is best treatment for the ones suffering from acne.

For a smooth skin, mesh an over ripe banana and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Blend it well and apply over your face, neck and hands. Banana makes your skin soft and supple. It heals acne, vanishes pimples and renders you a smooth tone with regular usage of this homemade cosmetic product.



Leather shoes for men and women

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Significance of shoes

Being stylish is not just about adoring yourself with gorgeous attires or accessorizing yourself!  It is about personalizing yourself completely to leave an impact on people. And trust me without a proper pair of shoes or footwear, this isn’t possible.  So choosing a proper shoe for yourself may add stars to your personality and to your attire too. Shoes have attracted most of the designers in recent times owning to adapting fashion trends coming up with shoes. Here we will talk more on the leather shoes for both the sexes!

Leather shoes – know the feel!

The Mesopotamians were the first inventors of this genre of shoes. Leather is a natural material and is ideal for making shoes. Though they bear high prices, they are worth it! Leather shoes have always been elegant to wear. They are considered to be an investment piece. Leather shoes are durable, comfortable and mouldable. Cleaning leather shoes to enshrine their brightness for long time and remove the debris is important. Care need to be taken to buy leather shoes bearing leather of good quality which ensures its long lasting. Leather shoes in dark shades with light outfits are popular.

Know the various brands

A variety of shoe brands help you fancy yourself with a pair of stylish leather shoes.  Leather shoes in wide range are available in markets today. Bata, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Reebok, Clark’s and Geox are world famous brands into making leather shoes. Bata – has a premium brand namely Ambassador which is known for its Italian designs, handcraftsmanship and premium quality leather. Its leather shoes are designed for men which define flexibility and great comfort. Also, Bata has a brand named Comfit which is designed especially for the youth to get a contemporary look.

Embarking the “Latest”

Comfort was the trademark for the latest fashion in shoes. Patent leather shoes are really in this year. The high gloss shiny touch-up is given to these leather shoes which can be worn anytime during the day and in any occasion. Certain things need to be borne in mind while adapting to these trendy patent leather shoes. As these leather shoes are generally bright in their hue, they are preferably worn with a more toned down dress. The well known patent leather shoe brands are Prada, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Brutini etc. These shoes are available in different shades from light brown to polished black. One can wear these leather shoes with chinos, khakis, jeans, etc.

Leather shoes have highly gained popularity in the fashion statement for women. Leather boots for women come in different shades matching every colour of your attire. Also, these days’ women prefer wearing ankle boots or knee length high heeled boots. Brownish shades are very much in trend these days. Shoe makers now have brought designer leather shoes exclusively to suit the designer craze of young ladies these days. But, overall must say comfortable leather shoes adore your personality a lot!

So next time you shop, do check out leather shoes in the market and I am sure you will feel worth buying them for yourself because of its elegance and comfortability!

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HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface

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HDMI enables to connect the home theater setups and the components like Apple TV, DVD player, recorder, HD satellite box, gaming console to the DVI port, of the HDTV or the AC receiver, HD cable.

HDMI helps connecting the digital video/audio sources like Blu ray Disc player, AVCHD camcorders, PC, HD DVD players, Set top boxes and other digital components. HDMI also connect the DVI enabled components to the HDMI port. The HDMI cables are made of high quality materials.  The HDMI to DVI video cables delivers a crystal clear high definition digital video signal to the home theater display.

The DVI connectors are responsible for the DB style connection and it uses the flattened pins.   Most of the DVI connectors have 24 pins with one larger offset ground bar which is called DVI-D.  Some of the types of DVI connectors include DVI-D dual link connector with 24 pins and is arranged in three horizontal rows of each row with 8 pins. DVI-D Single Link connector comes with 18 pins and provides one TMDS link. DVI Dual link is similar to dual link DVI-D connector but has 4 pins more to surround flat offset ground bar. DVI single link DVI connector carries only single TMDS link.

The HDMI converter has some specified features as follows:  it connects the HDMI enabled components to the DVI port of all types and it delivers the maximum band with for the resolution up to 1080p.  it features the 24k gold connector for delivering precise contact and conductivity to the maximum. It includes the superior shielding for isolating the outside noise and reduces the cross talk interference. It is available in a convenient 6 foot length and integrates strain relief with flexible PVC jacket for protecting connector and cable format wear and strain.

The HDMI cable are categorized in to two of Category 1 which is designed for supporting HDTV and frame rates and Category 2 for higher resolution and higher frame rates. The HDMI cable is made using 28 AWG wire. The 24 AWG cable is more resistant to attenuation and is sturdier. The long cable helps chaining multiple HDMI cable together with the repeater, equalizer, or amplifier.

In connecting video HDMI is similar to DVI and has 19 pin digital video and audio connection. It carries both the digital video and audio in uncompressed high quality format and HDMI is mostly used for Plasma, LCD, Projection displays. The 4 to 7 analog video connection is popular for the computer video cards, digital video camera and other similar devices.

The HDMI devices are so well manufactured in adhering to different versions of specification with different number like 1.0, 1.2, 1.3a. Each specification uses the same type of cable but with increased capabilities and bandwidth. HDMI supports up to 8 channels of an uncompressed audio of sizes 1.6 bit, 20bit, and 2.4 bit.   The HDMI connector come in different types like Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D of different specification.

Avarice is the Root of all Evils

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One should not be greedy for the materialistic things of the world. Avarice is the root cause of the evils. A greedy person can slaughter, kill, murder, kidnap, and rape women, if he is given money to do those crimes.

Greed can prompt the person to commit most heinous crimes in the world. A greedy person is never contented with what he has. If he has one car, he would wish for another, and if he has two servants, he would want three servants to take care of his needs.

A greedy person is never satisfied inspite of possessing all the material comforts on the earth. The greedy person’s needs are limitless. He doesn’t care for the needs of others, but wants others to fulfill all his needs.

There are many wealthy people in the world, who are not at all sympathetic to the plight of the poor. They want servants to serve them day and night, but get annoyed when their servants want a few days rest, due to the over-burden of work.

Greed makes the person devil. A person begins to do all sorts of wrong things considering them right. Many greedy politicians steal away the wealth of the nation for their vested interests and get defamed because of their black deeds.

A greedy person has to suffer drastic consequences of his evil deeds, as ‘avarice is the root cause of all evils’ and there is no doubt about it.

Rotating doors

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A revolving door is something that has three or four doors which droop on a center ray and turn around an upright axis within a round area. Revolving doors are power resourceful as much as they stop drafts, therefore stopping in increases of the heating or cooling necessary for the building. And in the same time many people can pass in and out for the door. Revolving doors are also known for the glamour and prestige of the building and its structural design. To the center ray of the revolving door you can see three or four doors called leaver or the wings.

Rubber door stops

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Using a rubber door stops are an economical method to simply keep the doors open or to guard your walls from getting scratched. There are numerous diverse door stop styles. Several of them are fixed on the wall where the handle of the door will crash with the wall. Some of the rubber stops are fixed to the wall close to the floor. This will stop the door from damaging and hitting the wall. Some rubber stoppers are fixed to the floor, to stop the door to close on its own. These types of stopper are shaped like a wedge.

Satin brass hinges

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Satin brass hinges are those types of hinges with more shining appearance and smoothness. It is quite affordable and is available in different sizes depending on their use in doors and cabinets. Brass hinges will have a property to lessen the corroding effect on it and gives an elegant look to any doors. It is used in homes especially on the doors of living rooms and halls where it will make the whole thing more beautiful and shining. These are also durable and strong and can be used for long years without any issue of rusting or verdigris.  Satin brass hinges are really amazing in their new look.

Satin nickel hinges

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Satin nickel hinges are those hinges made of the metal nickel with greater strength. It has a good luminescence and is very charming in its look. It is affordable and is usually used for heavy doors. There are also separate satin nickel cabinet hinges and single hinged self closing hinges too. They are technically good and maintain best quality and tensile strength. They are available in exact specifications and at various sizes. They are good and can be used for many years with its real metal color. Nickel hinges are also available in different sizes and shapes and is more common now.

Does the word “investment” interest you?

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In today’s world of finance and investment, it becomes imperative to indulge in the right monetary scheme for the reason that in times of need and emergency, you will simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of the same. There are various ways to save and invest which depends upon a huge number of factors. These factors pertain to your financial state of affairs which help you to invest in the program that you can easily afford. Finexo-affiliate program of forex, apparently, is the answer to all the finance related questions. Numerous elements play a vital role in helping you make your income double or sometimes even triple, depending upon the plan that you have chosen to invest in. Finexo-affiliate programof forex, in this respect helps you in every respect, with its special offers that make you rich in shorter durations. Before you get involved in any kind of a financial exercise you need to know what you are looking for, at the end of the day. If you wish to invest for a shorter duration, with better returns or longer durations with better returns, finexo-affiliate program of forex should be the choice. It will help make your children’s education an experience of a kind that you will never forget. Therefore, whether it has to do with getting an auto loan or the education for your children, make sure finexo- affiliate program of forex is what you look at, instead of any other name in the market. So, what are you waiting for when you have finexo-affiliate program of forex? After all, finexo is synonymous with investment in every respect!


Finexo(affiliate program forex) -once and forever

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Investment or saving, in times to come, life will merely depend upon the two monetary aspects like never before. Owing to the fact that inflation and deflation have always been a pivotal part of the financial state of affairs of any country, it has become imperative for all to understand how the income flows in and out.

For a common man to indulge in the art of investing his hard earned money is something short of a gamble game that many play in the casinos all over the world. Therefore, to know how and where to invest your money, in a bid to make it more in future, should be taken up very seriously. Finexo-affiliate program forex, is the buzz word in this context for many know how it has helped them to make their children’s education a blissful experience. Finexo-affiliate program forex, also deals with investing for a balanced future, which is of prime importance in today’s financially well versed world.

Finexo-affiliate program forex, helps the investors all over the world to get online and invest in their favorite financial schemes sitting in the privacy of their homes unlike in other cases. That is why many like to go in for its services because it makes the entire exercise of playing with your hard earned money, easy.

People who know how well they could use their money and double it in shorter durations make use of names like finexo-affiliate program forex, which always keeps them happy. That is why it is wise to switch to the name, finexo, for a better future ahead!