Top 10 Reasons to delete Computer History

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The history of a computer is a very sensitive issue while dealing in business environments. Privacy is most important when it comes to preserving data. Here are the top 10 reasons why one must delete computer history in the reverse order.

10) Empty the Recycle Bin
Many a time sensitive data is deleted and forgotten about, but this data is still in the recycle bin waiting to be restored by someone as per their wish. It is suggested that the recycle bin should be emptied at regular intervals.

9) Skipping the Recycle Bin
Don’t just press the “Del” button; pressing the “Shift” button while deleting files, can directly delete them rather than sending them to Recycle Bin.

8) Undeviating Delete Software
While the above techniques are efficient in their own ways, but they too have limitations, as there is a possibility that the data may be recovered by using restore software even after it’s removed from the recycle bin as they may still be occupying space on the hard drive.

It is always suggested to use dedicated software that is made exclusively for deleting data stored on the hard drive without a trace.

Free softwares like SDelete, Eraser and Secure Delete are also available, although it is always recommended that you use the professional version.

7) Turning and Clearing Off Cookies
To prevent websites from tracking the online activity it is suggested that all cookies should be deleted and the privacy settings of the Internet browser should stop accepting more cookies permanently from any website.

6) Delete Recent Files
Any file that is opened automatically creates a shortcut in the “Recent Items” list. This is also applicable for all applications opened in Windows Vista. We can delete the list of these shortcuts from “user folder”.

5) “Private Sessions” in the Internet Browsers
Nowadays the browsers have a “Private Session” option (“Incognito Window” in Google Chrome) which ensures that user history is not stored by the browser.

4) Recent History item in the Various Applications
Applications like Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, etc keep a track of all the recent documents/files opened by them. We can clear this by going to the “Settings” option of these applications.

3) Saved Form Information Deletion
The internet browsers save items like Telephone number, Address, Names used on internet forms and specially Internet Searches. To remove these we can use the option of “Clear Saved Form”.

2) Clearing Clipboard
Whenever an article is copied from the internet and pasted or emailed it remains in the clipboard till the time it is deleted. Hence it is advisable to always clear the clipboard to avoid disclosing your interests to an intruder.

1) Physical History
For us humans it is common to leave behind our notes, printouts, etc at workstations. This seems trivial, but if not checked, can lead to disastrous consequences. Hence it is always advisable to immediately shred the chits and notes after using them and not leave them behind for any intruder to access them.