Avarice is the Root of all Evils

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One should not be greedy for the materialistic things of the world. Avarice is the root cause of the evils. A greedy person can slaughter, kill, murder, kidnap, and rape women, if he is given money to do those crimes.

Greed can prompt the person to commit most heinous crimes in the world. A greedy person is never contented with what he has. If he has one car, he would wish for another, and if he has two servants, he would want three servants to take care of his needs.

A greedy person is never satisfied inspite of possessing all the material comforts on the earth. The greedy person’s needs are limitless. He doesn’t care for the needs of others, but wants others to fulfill all his needs.

There are many wealthy people in the world, who are not at all sympathetic to the plight of the poor. They want servants to serve them day and night, but get annoyed when their servants want a few days rest, due to the over-burden of work.

Greed makes the person devil. A person begins to do all sorts of wrong things considering them right. Many greedy politicians steal away the wealth of the nation for their vested interests and get defamed because of their black deeds.

A greedy person has to suffer drastic consequences of his evil deeds, as ‘avarice is the root cause of all evils’ and there is no doubt about it.